GOP Using Hilary Rosen's Ann Romney Comments to Raise Money

Red Guard: Mitt and Ann Romney
Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Michigan Governor Mitt Romney and his pretty wife Ann Romney -- sporting an appropriate Republican red jacket --  do a campaign stop-over in Iowa on Jan. 1. This is just two nerve-wracking days before the Iowa Republican Caucus that will move one candidate (there are seven) up in the bid for the party's presidential nomination. 

Sentiments about motherhood from the Democratic operative and former chief lobbyist for the music industry already emblazon bumper stickers and coffee mugs.

Hilary Rosen, a former CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America who also has a long career in promoting the campaigns of Democratic lawmakers, knows a thing or two about marketing. So perhaps she could have predicted that a few choice words she uttered on CNN would be used to raise money for her political opponents.

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On Wednesday, Rosen offered her infamous critique of Ann Romney -- wife of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and mother to their five sons --  as a woman who “never actually worked a day in her life,” and by Thursday the GOP had already turned her sentiments into a coffee mug and a bumper sticker.

“Moms Do Work! Vote GOP,” is the message on the mug, which sells for $15 with proceeds going to the Republican National Committee. At the top of the website selling the mug, it says: “Don’t let Barack Obama & Democrats Insult Women.”

As for the bumper sticker, it’s a gift to donors of the Romney For President campaign, and it reads: “Moms Drive The Economy.”

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Both sides, of course, are fighting hard for the female vote, and the GOP believes that Rosen’s comments could help even the score a bit. An ABC News/Washington Post poll recently indicated that Obama's lead over Romney among women voters is 57-38.

Like the new mug and bumper sticker the GOP created Thursday, the Obama  campaign also has a few tchotchkes aimed at women, including a “Women For Obama Party Pack” that sells for $40 and designer items from the likes of Vera Wang, Rachel Roy and Diane von Furstenberg.