Hill back in Fox Sports lineup


NEW YORK -- David Hill is returning to his former job running Fox Sports after a two-year sojourn at DirecTV.

The stock swap removing News Corp.'s stake in DirecTV has led Hill back to Fox Sports as chairman and CEO, where he has been off and on since December 1993, when he founded the division.

Hill left in March 2005 to become DirecTV's entertainment president but kept his hand in the network as chairman in an nonexecutive role while day-to-day operations were being run by Fox Sports president Ed Goren. Hill left DirecTV this month and returned full time to Fox.

In an interview Tuesday from Phoenix, where he was attending the NFL owners meeting, Hill said he had a great time at DirecTV, learned a lot and worked with "some really wonderful people."

He said it was an eye-opening experience because at DirecTV, unlike Fox Sports, it's not just a network but a platform that uses VOD and other technologies.

"It opened my eyes to the way the media world is changing so dramatically," Hill said. "I think it's probably the most exciting time ever to work in television because things are changing so dramatically."

He said he's looking forward to applying those ideas to Fox Sports. He'll have plenty of opportunities because Fox will have the Super Bowl in 2008 as well as its ongoing telecasts of Major League Baseball, the NFL, NASCAR and college football's BCS games.

"I haven't gotten any concrete ideas yet, but you know something's going to pop," Hill said.