Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers Take on Hillary Clinton's Memoir

Kimmel even came up with a fake children's version of the 2016 presidential candidate's new book.

On Tuesday, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released her highly anticipated memoir, titled What Happened, giving readers an in-depth look at the 2016 election, her campaign and the journey that led to her loss. Although offering insight into her perspective, the memoir has spurred some backlash over the former secretary of state’s comments on Bernie Sanders, placing blame on her former opponent for her loss.

In light of the release of her memoir, late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers dedicated the opening monologues of their respective shows to joking about Clinton's book and the election.

Fallon was quick to quip about the length of Clinton’s new memoir, “I heard that it’s almost 500 pages long. Unfortunately the only person with enough time to read it is Hillary Clinton.”

Mentioning her upcoming book tour, Fallon comically alluded to her Costco visit, “Actually I heard that Hillary will be signing books at a Costco in Connecticut. It’s going to be awkward when someone gets to the front and says ‘Oh I’m sorry. I thought this was the line for cheese samples.”

Apart from Clinton, Fallon directed some jokes toward other political figures that included Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and President Trump, quipping that they all provided blurbs for the back of the book.

Showing a mocked-up image of the book, Fallon read Putin’s comment: “Was like fairytale ‘Cinderella,’ but princess fails, and pumpkin becomes president." Obama, Fallon said, wrote, “I’d say I gotta hand it to you — but the last time I tried to hand you something, you lost it to Donald Trump!”

The late-night host also quoted Trump himself as saying, “I loved it! Especially the end. Really did not see that coming. Enjoy!” 

Joking of the former Secretary of State’s memoir, Kimmel presented a parody of her book directed for children. “The book is 512 pages long, but that’s the adult version,” said Kimmel, “She also put out a version for kids.” Kimmel then held up a mock children’s book titled, “Losie the Pooh.”

Reading the parody story to the audience, Kimmel narrated Piglet asking a Hillary Clinton Pooh character why she lost the election, with Losie (aka, Clinton) saying “I never hosted a reality show or put my name on vodka or grabbed a Heffalump by the Woozle.” To add some jokes about President Trump, Kimmel narrated a Trump Tigger character appearing in the book telling Losie,” I’m gonna make America so great again it’ll be ridickerus! And Eeyore is going to pay for it!” 

Meyers also shared some quips about Clinton's memoir, but directed his joke toward Putin, saying, "Hillary Clinton's new book titled What Happened was released today, as was Putin's new book, Me." Meyers then showed an image of a Putin memoir with the same cover as Clinton's with a self-portrait included.