Where Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Other Presidential Candidates Vacation

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and John Kasich Split - H 2016
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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and John Kasich Split - H 2016

Because the campaign trail is no walk in the park.

Despite the arduous tasks of being POTUS, many former presidents are known to cancel all calls with vacation spots they return to again and again. Barack Obama made his sixth trip to Palm Springs this past February; Bill Clinton spent six of his eight presidential summers in Martha's Vineyard; and Ronald Reagan frequently shacked up at his ranch in Santa Barbara. Here’s where the current presidential candidates are going for downtime, which could eventually be one’s stomping ground outside the White House.

Bernie Sanders: Rome and Russia

Democratic candidate and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders recently took a privately chartered Delta flight from New York City to Rome, where he was invited to speak at a Vatican conference. In tow were nine members of Bernie’s family, including wife Jane for the whirlwind, 24-hour trip. Even though the quick tour suggested that it wasn't much of a vacation, Bernie's excitement was transparent for the visit.

Prior to this trip, Sanders spent his honeymoon with Jane in Yaroslavl, Russia in 1988. His hometown of Burlington, Vermont had launched a sister-city program in Yaroslavl, 160 miles northeast of Moscow; the industrial city is known for centuries-old churches and a UNESCO World Heritage historic center. In his political memoir, Outsider in the White House, Sanders wrote that "it was a very strange honeymoon" considering a delegation of 10 tagged along (the trip was more work related).

While Bernie has taken little vacations on record, he introduced a bill to require all employers with 15 or more workers to offer two weeks of paid vacation to employees who have worked there a year or longer. There is currently no law that requires paid vacations.

WHEN IN ROME: Bernie Sanders and wife Jane leaving after a conference of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on April 15, 2016 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ted Cruz: Ixtapa, Mexico

In 2014, Republican candidate and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was invited by Alejandro Junco de la Vega, the architect of one of the most powerful newspaper conglomerates in Latin America, to Ixtapa, Mexico. According to The Hill, Cruz and Vega and their families took a private jet to the tropical beach town for three days in 2014. Ixtapa is a quiet resort destination on Mexico’s Pacific Coast known for large Mexican-owned chain resorts, a sprawling unspoiled coastline and a handful of luxury resorts like Viceroy Zihuatanejo

Hillary Clinton: Dominican Republic and The Hamptons

When Hillary Clinton takes a break, she vacations in style. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012 that the Clintons, the Kissingers and the late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta typically got together for Christmas at the latter’s estate in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Clinton attended the 90th birthday celebration for Henry Kissinger at the estate in 2013, and according to Associated Press, it’s here the Clintons spend their end-of-year holidays. The Weekly Standard reported it was also here in 2014 that Hillary Clinton decided to run for president a second time.

Last year, Clinton spent a family vacation at a private vacation rental in the Hamptons, which costs $50,000 a week. The four-bedroom, Amagansett mansion is owned by Republican donor and art collector Andre Nasser, and includes a 50-foot outdoor pool, sprawling lawns and private beach. The Clintons rented the same home in 2014, and were spotted walking their dogs on the beach.

John KasichNew Hampshire and Ohio

Last July, Republican candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich flew to Mitt Romney’s lakeside vacation home in New Hampshire to have lunch with the politician. Just weeks before, Romney had hosted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio over the July 4 holiday.

Kasich has spent vacations with his family in his home state of Ohio, like The Wilds safari park in Cumberland with his wife and daughters Reese and Emma in 2011.

Donald Trump: only his properties

Republican candidate and billionaire Donald Trump, who lives in the three-floor penthouse of the Trump Tower in Manhattan, told The Daily Caller in a recent interview that he only goes to the places he owns when he vacations. While he’s seldom seen at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Trump said he visits Trump National Doral Miami (just six miles from Miami International Airport), which he declared is "one of the great resorts of the world," and Trump Turnberry, a Starwood Hotels Luxury Collection Resort in Scotland. "As you know, in Scotland, if you look at Turnberry — you know, I own Turnberry in Scotland," Trump said. "No partners, a thousand acres, on the ocean. I have very little debt and I have very few partners. But I only like to go to places that I own, because, you know, I don’t have enough time. What do I want to sit in somebody else’s resort for?"

It turns out Trump isn’t a big fan of taking time off. In 2012, Trump wrote on Twitter: "Don't take vacations.  What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the wrong job."