Hillary Clinton Talks Donald Trump "Stalking" Her at Debate, Gets in On Ken Bone Craze on 'Ellen'

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"You could just sense how much anger he had," Clinton says of Trump.

Hillary Clinton sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for her first interview since the second presidential debate.

After DeGeneres complimented Clinton on her shimmying skills from the first debate — a move Clinton said she didn't even realize she had done until later — DeGeneres asked Clinton to speak about the heated second debate. Clinton said that because of the Access Hollywood tape leak, Trump was "all wrought up" for the town hall-style face-off.

"You could just sense how much anger he had," said Clinton. "And, so he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage and I would just feel this presence behind me and I thought 'Whoa, this is really weird,' so I was just trying to stay focused."

She admits to her own mistakes but says it's "frustrating" to debate somebody who is "consistently just spewing forth falsehoods." Rather than spend all of her time fact-checking Trump, said Clinton, she tried to focus on answering questions. DeGeneres offered up that it's like "debating a teenager."

DeGeneres brought up that she was shocked nobody talked about the special moment during the second debate when Clinton had a dance-off with Ken Bone.

Clinton laughed as she saw the altered video of herself dancing with the red-sweater-wearing audience member who's gone on to become a viral sensation. She was smiling and at ease throughout the interview, joking that even though she was turning 69 on Oct. 26, she'll be the youngest woman ever elected president of the United States.

On a more serious note, Clinton spoke with DeGeneres about the recent sexual assault allegations against Trump and said she doesn't want people to take anything for granted. "Obviously there's a lot that is coming out which is distressing on many levels, but I don’t want anybody to think this election’s over," said Clinton, asking everyone to vote.

The Democratic presidential nominee also spoke about Michelle Obama's powerful speech against Trump and said the first lady put into words what many people were feeling.