Hillary Clinton Flying Monkey Banners Removed from L.A.'s Brentwood Neighborhood

Flying Monkeys - P 2014

Flying Monkeys - P 2014

The artist SABO had papered the area around Tavern restaurant with the anti-Clinton signs ahead of the former Secretary of State's Democratic fundraiser there

Banners satirizing Hillary Clinton's supporters as flying monkeys were either removed or painted over Saturday in anticipation of the former Secretary of State's appearance at an ultra-exclusive Democratic fundraiser at Brentwood's Tavern restaurant on Monday.

The artist SABO, the conservatives' answer to Shepard Fairey, placed the banners — depicting a Wizard of Oz flying monkey holding a "Hillary 2016" sign — on utility boxes, power lines and utility poles early Friday. Two weeks ago, the guerrilla street artist papered Gwyneth Paltrow's neighborhood with "Obama Drone" signs before an appearance by the president at a fundraiser there.

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"What happened to art being loved and appreciated and never censored?" the artist asked The Hollywood Reporter. He also expressed outrage that the anti-Clinton signs that had been glued to power boxes were covered with dark gray paint. "They didn't even try to remove them, and they made it look as ugly as hell. They would rather have this mess than anti-leftist art. Says a lot about them."

He noted that there was still one banner, attached to a power line, visible, but it appeared that Southern California Edison had dispatched a cherry picker to remove it.

Clinton is set to arrive in Brentwood on Monday for a $32,400-per-person fundraiser benefiting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The event is being hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, Alan Horn and other top industry execs.