Is Hillary Clinton Making A Play For Unity With Her Election Day Style?

U.S. Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton - Election Day-AP-ONE TIME USE-  P 2016
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The Democratic presidential nominee has made the matching pantsuit part of her platform. So why did she switch things up on Election Day?

Over the years, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has turned her signature pantsuits from punch line to platform.

She's worn a uniform of matching jacket and pants for decades, since she was first lady, and even through the Obama administration, when it was somewhat outre compared with Michelle Obama's skirts and cardigans.

But Clinton ignored critics and stuck with the look, embracing it as a visual signifier. When she joined Twitter in 2013, "pantsuit afficionado" was part of her bio. There's even a Pantsuit Nation private Facebook group, more than 1 million members strong, rallying people to wear the look on Election Day.

Throughout the campaign, celebrities have rallied around her personal style, which has come back around to fashion, with Gigi Hadid, Naomie Harris, Solange and other celebs wearing matchy-matchy pantsuits on the red carpet in recent months. Last weekend, Beyonce and her backup dancers wore them at a rally for Hillary in Cleveland.

But today, to cast her vote, Clinton switched things up, wearing a sleek taupe jacket with contrast lapels and trousers in a lighter khaki shade — more separates than matched set — by Ralph Lauren.

It's tempting to try to read the tea leaves of why she would change her uniform today of all days. And why she would wear taupe instead of patriotic red, white and blue. (For the three debates, she wore solid-colored pantsuits in a different color — red, white and blue — on each night.)

Is the presidential nominee making a play for unity with her harmonious two shades of neutral ensemble? It's food for thought, to be sure.

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live started to try to mend fences with a Trump-Clinton unity sketch starring Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon.

It's going to be a long day, folks.