From Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump: Who's Getting All That Wall Street Money

Financial Bull - Getty - H 2016
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Financial Bull - Getty - H 2016

Clinton has the biggest haul from free-spending executives at financial institutions, nearly double what Ted Cruz has collected.

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Hillary Clinton's haul from financial sector (securities, investment and commercial banks) employees dwarfs that of her presidential competitors as of April 1, according to a tally from Open Secrets, a nonprofit group run by the Center for Responsive Politics that tracks political donations (though even self-declared democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has drawn from the Wall Street pot). Not reflected in the totals below are the big-money donations that go to liberal or conservative PACs or organizations rather than to the candidates themselves.

Billionaire investor George Soros, for example, gave $8 million to liberal organizations this election cycle, while Michael Bloomberg has donated $5.5 million, and Haim Saban has given $5 million. For right-leaning groups, former Univision CEO Jerry Perenchio, now of Chartwell Partners, has given $4.7 million, while Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan gave $2.1 million, TD Ameritrade founder John “Joe” Ricketts gave $7 million and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, an early Facebook investor who now runs Thiel Capital, gave $2 million.