Hillary Clinton Insists Hair Isn't a Wig, Laughs Off Speculation on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael'

LIVE with Kelly and Michael Interviews Hillary Clinton Screen Shot- H 2015
Courtesy of LIVE with Kelly and Michael

The Democratic presidential candidate also took issue with Donald Trump's "bullying rhetoric" and answered questions about her guilty pleasure, biggest pet peeve and worst habit.

It seems that Hillary Clinton is both aware of and amused by media speculation that her hair is actually a wig.

In fact, when appearing on Live! With Kelly and Michael on Thursday morning, the Democratic presidential candidate revealed that those rumors have made their way to her ears. She recalled how, the other day, she was shaking hands at a rally in Texas when a man in the crowd started staring at her hair.

"He goes, 'Is that a wig?' " said Clinton.

She laughed before revealing that she told him, "No, really, it isn't. I promise you it isn't."

She went on to joke, "Some days, I feel like saying, 'Would I have paid for this?' "

Clinton also poked fun at the hair chatter by saying that if she were to face off against Donald Trump in the general election, "I would be pleased on one ground, which is that I would not be the only person whose hairstyle was a topic of conversation."

Speaking of Trump, Clinton said that while Trump has made headlines for saying "really outrageous things," she thinks he "sometimes verges on bullying."

"Some of it is a little bit humorous, and a lot of it's hurtful," she said. "He goes after certain groups of people, or he's gone after women, different women. … It kind of crosses the line sometimes, so, to my ear, it's no longer funny. It's offensive, and it's a bullying rhetoric."

Clinton also tackled a number of rapid-fire personal questions, including ones about her guilty pleasure, hidden talent, biggest pet peeve and worst habit.