Hillary Clinton Mocked by NYC Posters for "Hiding From a Debate"

Hillary Clinton is the subject of artwork in NYC

Among street artist Sabo's images is one of Democratic challenger Martin O'Malley appearing ready for a boxing match.

Hollywood's conservative nemesis is taking his efforts to the Big Apple. 

Street artist Sabo, known for hanging posters in L.A. that mock such Democratic figures as President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, took to New York City to paper the area around Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters.

The artwork, which could be seen on Wednesday, takes the party's presumptive frontrunner for the 2016 presidential nomination to task, accusing her declining to participate in debates with her Democratic opponents. 

"Why is Hillary hiding from a debate?" reads one sign. Another shows Democratic challenger and former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley wearing boxing gloves, with the caption, "Stop ducking me, girl."

Other artwork includes a flying monkey holding a "Hillary 2016" sign and Clinton on a poster for the E! series The Royals. One poster mocks Michelle Obama

Photos of the artwork can be seen below.