Hillary Clinton Plans Crowd Stunt for DNC Speech

DNC_General - Getty - H 2016
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DNC_General - Getty - H 2016

The Democratic National Convention audience has a card to play tonight.

At some point during Hillary Clinton's speech on Thursday night, the Democratic presidential nominee will involve the Democratic National Convention crowd in a card stunt.

Attendees at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia — including The Hollywood Reporter — were given instructions about the prop attached to their seats, something they will need tonight when Clinton officially accepts her historic nomination as the first female major-party presidential nominee.

"This is your card to create a card stunt at the end of tonight's session," reads a sticker on the card. "Please do not remove or open this bag until instructed!"

Audience members were told that, when instructed, they should hold the card up to their face and look through the hole. The cards are currently encased in bags.

The announcement also promised that the stunt would not interfere with the night's anticipated balloon drop.

Chelsea Clinton is set to introduce a 12-minute video, directed by Shonda Rhimes, before Hillary Clinton takes the stage to close the four-day DNC.

Seth Abramovitch contributed to this report.