Hillary Clinton Slams Trump on 'Ellen': "He Has No Understanding of What Women’s Lives Are Like"

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Clinton and Kate McKinnon on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

The Democratic frontrunner also talked about her race with Bernie Sanders and found time to play a special vice presidential edition of "Who Would You Rather?"

Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump's recent comments that he "will be good for women," suggesting instead that the GOP presidential nominee's past and most recent actions all suggest there is "just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women's lives are like."

Speaking on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, preview clips of which were made available Tuesday, Clinton said Trump had been "very derogatory towards all kind of women, he has specifically called out women by name, insulted them. He has said that equal pay isn’t a real issue. He doesn’t seem to think that we need to do anything to create more jobs and raise incomes and a lot of women are helping to support their families or maybe they’re the only support."

She added: "And he actually says wages are too high in America. I'm sure there is somebody somewhere that he might be good for, but I think overall there is just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women’s lives are like today."

Clinton also spoke about the Democratic race, alluding to her hope that Bernie Sanders will eventually drop out and endorse her much as she did in 2008 in her race with Barack Obama. "I ran all the way to the end against then Senator Obama. And when it was over because we had a much closer race than the one currently is between Senator Sanders and myself I withdrew, I endorsed him and I worked really hard to elect him and I do believe that Bernie will do that."

Later in the show, Clinton and host DeGeneres shifted marginally away from politics, lightening the mood with a game of Who'd You Rather? VP Edition. Clinton rifled through a list of VP candidates including Kanye West, Tony Goldwyn, Beyonce, Chewbacca Mom, Michelle Obama and even Ellen.

Clinton's visit to Ellen, finished with a visit from SNL regular Kate McKinnon, who does impressions of both DeGeneres and the former First Lady on the show.