5 of 'SNL's' Most Memorable Hillary Clinton Sketches (Video)

Hillary Clinton SNL Cold Open Still - H 2015

"I scratched and clawed through mud and barbed wire," Amy Poehler (as Hillary Clinton) said in one of the late-night show's best-remembered bits.

It's official: Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016, it was announced Sunday. The announcement confirms months of speculation and follows years of satirical sketches about Clinton on Saturday Night Live.

Jan Hooks, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler, Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon have all played the first lady-turned-senator-turned-presidential-candidate-turned-secretary-of-state-turned-presidential candidate.

In light of Sunday's news, The Hollywood Reporter is looking back at some of SNL's best Hillary Clinton sketches, presented in chronological order.

"Clinton Bedroom Problems": Oct. 03, 1998

Ana Gasteyer played Hillary Clinton to Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton in this opening sketch suggesting that relations between the then first couple had turned quite frosty in the days following the 1998 release of the Starr Report and its sordid details about then-President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Gasteyer has only a few lines, conveying Hillary's displeasure with her husband by keeping her distance and maintaining a scowl on her face. She shuts down all of his advances and when he pulls out a Bible and starts reading it, she shoots back, "Yeah, right." SNL continued to joke about the Clintons' supposedly strained relationship for the rest of Gasteyer's run as the first lady turned senator.

"MSNBC Democratic Debate: Clinton vs. Obama": March 1, 2008

This opening sketch satirized a recent debate on MSNBC between then-Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The bit, one of the first to feature Poehler as Clinton, continued SNL's running joke in 2008 about how the media seemed to be biased toward Obama — with Will Forte as Brian Williams and Darrell Hammond as Tim Russert complimenting and taking a conciliatory tone towards Obama and asking him much easier questions than the ones they lobbed at Clinton. But the real highlight of the more than 10-minute-long sketch was the appearance by the real Hillary Clinton at the end, in which she engaged in some small talk with Poehler, still in her Clinton costume. When Clinton tells Poehler she wants her earrings back, Amy launches into the high-pitched laugh that would become a signature of her impression. "Do I really laugh like that?" the real Clinton asks.

"Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address the Nation": Sept. 13, 2008

Months later, Obama had received the Democratic nomination and Clinton (as portrayed by Poehler) delivers an address with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (as portrayed by Tina Fey). Poehler's Clinton starts off mildly annoyed at having to share the podium with Palin before her irritation at having her road to the White House compared to Palin's explodes into a full blown rage.

"I didn't want a woman to be president. I wanted to be president and I just happened to be a woman," Poehler (as Clinton) said. "I scratched and clawed through mud and barbed wire! And you just glided in on a dogsled, wearing your pageant sash and your stupid Tina Fey glasses!"

She further struggles to mask her annoyance when Fey's Palin says "it's time for a woman to make it to the White House" and "anyone can be president…all you have to do is want it." After delivering her high-pitched laugh, Poehler's Clinton says, "You know, Sarah, looking back, if I could change one thing, I probably should have wanted it more."

"Hillary Clinton Address": Dec. 6, 2008

But that wasn't the last people would see of SNL's Hillary Clinton. After Obama was elected, he appointed Clinton as his secretary of state, news that served as the subject of another cold open from SNL. Poehler's Clinton opens the sketch by spinning around in a chair, declaring, "You thought I was gone, didn't you?" She continues to celebrate her new job and how the Clintons are "here to stay." She also argues she got the better job than Obama (and certainly the better lot than Palin).

"One could say, there has never been a worse time in our nation's history to step into the presidency," Poehler's Clinton says. "Seriously, would you rather fix the economy or travel the globe? Point Hillary!"

She adds: "The question isn't 'Is my new job better than being president? Or is it better than being a senator from New York?' The question is, 'Is my new job better than being governor of Alaska?' And the answer is yes. Yes it is."

Bill later joins her, saying, "You voted for change, but you ain't never gonna change this."

Hillary adds: "We Clintons are here to stay. You may think we're down, but like the South, vampires and Britney Spears, we will rise again."

"Hillary Clinton Cold Open": March 8, 2015

The latest SNL cast member to portray Hillary Clinton, Kate McKinnon, has already delivered two memorable sketches as the 2016 presidential candidate: Saturday night's announcement rehearsal and the sketch below from March. In the latter, McKinnon's Clinton relaxes at home while defiantly insisting that her email scandal won't derail her presidential ambitions, if she decides to run.

"I wasn't born yesterday. I was born 67 years ago, and I have been planning on being president ever since," McKinnon's Clinton says. "There will be no mistakes in my rise to the top, if I decide to run, who knows."

She later adds, "I have survived everything that's been thrown at me: Benghazi, Whitewater, the blue dress, having the maiden name Rod-ham, and none of that destroyed me. So after this little blip, I shall rise again from the ashes like a phoenix. Nay, like a Hillary Clinton. And I will ascend to the high office of president and claim my rightful place in history! If I choose to run…"