Hillary Clinton Compared to 'Veep's' Selina Meyer After Email Release

Hillary Clinton, Selina Meyer Split - H 2015
AP Images/HBO

Hillary Clinton, Selina Meyer Split - H 2015

"I thought [the fax machine] was supposed to be off hook to work?"

The State Department released a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails and some of the more light-hearted emails have led people to compare the presidential candidate and former secretary of state to fictional character Selina Meyer from Veep.

In the emails, Clinton worries that she is too distant from the White House and missing important meetings. She also struggles with understanding how a fax machine works and requests apples for "personal use." Veep fans on social media say Clinton reminds them of Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and claim that the correspondences between Clinton and her staff read like a script from the HBO series.

Here's a look at some of the emails that have been highlighted:

1. Fax Machine Troubles

2. White House meetings canceled

3. What about that Cabinet meeting?

4. Is she getting enough presidential face-time?

5. Clinton needs her apples.

6. Let's correct the "twittering."

Here's a look at people comparing Clinton to Meyer: