Hillary Clinton's Patriotism Comes Full Circle in Red, White and Blue Pantsuits

Hillary Clinton pantsuit - red white blue - Split - H - 2016
Justin Sullivan, Chip Somodevilla, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Democratic presidential nominee's choice in colors is more symbolic than meets the eye.

Hillary Clinton closed out the last U.S. presidential debate with Donald Trump in a white Ralph Lauren pantsuit — not unlike the outfit she wore when she accepted the Democratic party's nomination at the DNC in July.

The white closer suit, if you will, was no doubt a symbolic choice. As The Hollywood Reporter senior fashion editor Booth Moore mentioned, the white outfit harkened back to when suffragettes wore the hue to fight for women's right to vote. Its importance also signals to voters that, unlike her opponent Donald Trump who's in hot water for his lewd comments, she's the candidate that will support women.

It's notable that Clinton chose red for the first debate, blue for the second and white for the third (all by Ralph Lauren), flying her all American colors. It doesn't get more patriotic than that. And for someone as high-profile as her, where appearance, for better or worse, does matter, the Clinton team clearly knew what they were doing.

As far as what she'll wear on election night on Nov. 8, that remains to be seen. But you can bet the country will be watching to see if she makes history (or herstory) again.