Hill's 'Child' finds room at Apatow, Uni


Judd Apatow's Apatow Prods. has dipped into its discretionary fund to buy "The Middle Child," a comedy pitch from actor Jonah Hill, setting it up at Universal. Hill is attached to star and is penning the script, based on his original idea.

"Child" centers on a young man (Hill) who finds out that his parents gave up a child for adoption before he was born. When the son returns, the young man becomes the proverbial "middle child" and is an outcast in his own family, who look upon the newcomer as the son they've always wanted.

The idea came from Hill's own life experiences, when he became a middle child a little later in life than most. "My younger sister wasn't born until I was 10," Hill said in an interview. "It was an interesting, life-changing event. I found a lot of humor in it, with the focus going from me to my younger sister and my older brother." "Child" is his first sale.

Apatow took to Hill when he was cast in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" in a small scene set in an eBay store. Apatow has since cast Hill in "Knocked Up," his directorial follow-up to "Virgin," as well as "Superbad," a comedy he is producing that is shooting.

"I think of Judd as my mentor, and him and I have very similar tastes," Hill said. "It's a sense of humor very much based in reality, with characters that you see in real life."

Said Apatow, "Jonah is the future of North American comedy. My bet has been placed."

Hill, who recently wrapped "Evan Almighty," most recently co-starred in Universal's college comedy "Accepted" and will next appear in Brad Silberling's "10 Items or Less" opposite Morgan Freeman.

Hill is repped by UTA, Principato-Young and attorney Karl Austen.