Hinder testing new material on tour


DETROIT -- Oklahoma rockers Hinder are devoting part of their sets on this summer's Bad Boys of Rock tour testing new material with its fans, with plans to hit the studio in early 2008 to start working on its sophomore effort.

"We're anxious to get in and get started," frontman Austin Winkler said. He said the group has "probably three or four songs that we have prepared that we could play live at this point. Everything else is just ideas. We have a little rehearsal studio we set up (backstage) every day, and we're working on new material. It's all coming along real well."

Hinder is playing at least two new songs at each show, one in a full-band version and another in a stripped-down, acoustic arrangement. Winkler said the album, which will succeed 2006's double platinum "Extreme Behavior," is not yet going in any particular direction, however.

"If you listen to 'Extreme Behavior,' it's so diverse. Not one song sounds like the other," Winkler said. "We want it to be like that again. We write what we think are good songs, and you'll definitely hear some experiences of the last two years on the road."

Winkler said Hinder plans to work again with "Extreme Behavior" producer Brian Howes ("You gotta go with what works, and we work very, very well together") and probably record half of the album in Los Angeles and the rest in Vancouver, with a hoped-for summer or fourth-quarter release.

"There's always a little bit of pressure there," Winkler said, "but I actually believe we've got a way better start on this record because we've grown so much as songwriters and learned a whole lot more."

A fifth single from "Extreme Behavior," "Homecoming Queen," is climbing the charts, while some radio stations are starting to play a sixth track, "By the Way." Hinder will tour Australia in October and plans a three-week holiday break before starting work on the new album.