Hines Ward Dishes on 'Dancing' Victory

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“It was fitting the way we ended…" he says.

NFL star Hines Ward says it still hasn't hit him that he is the latest winner of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

"This competition was so close throughout the whole season that we knew it was going to come down to the fans' vote," he said on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday. "Steeler Nation and all the fans were just great."

Ward shares the trophy with his professional partner, Kym Johnson.

"The fans have just been wonderful," she said. "To be in the finals, it's really just surreal and amazing."

Looking back, he tells Access Hollywood, it was “crazy” he won. “Kirstie [Alley] could have taken it. She’s been incredible all season and I guess all of the fans got us through, especially Pittsburgh and Steeler Nation. I think they really voted hard for us last night.

“It was fitting the way we ended…" he added "…It was a great ending to our season and I owe everything to Kym,” he told Billy.

So where will Ward stash his mirrorball trophy?

“It’s going right next to my MVP trophy,” he reporters after Tuesday’s finale.

He also told Us Weekly that he won't forget the experience.

"I'll be doing a tribute to Kym everytime I score a touchdown!" he said. "I'll incorporate a Dancing with the Stars routine every time I'm in the endzone."