Hip-Hop Artist Tweets Response to Being Groped by Regis Philbin

Nicki Minaj wrote that she was in 'shock' after the 'Live With Regis and Kelly' co-host stroked her dress and patted her bottom on daytime TV.

Nicki Minaj, the artist Rolling Stone magazine recently dubbed the "Queen of Hip Hop," tweeted that she was in shock after Regis Philbin got a little handsy with her Monday.

After Minaj sang "Right Thru Me" on Live With Regis and Kelly, the co-hosts stood beside her for a quick interview. That's when 79-year-old Philbin took advantage of his close proximity to the 25-year-old singer by stroking the front of her tight dress and patting her bottom.

"Regis! What just happened?" said Kelly Ripa.

But Philbin wasn't quite done with his, shall we say, playfulness, because Minaj then told Philbin of the advice she got from her friend Lil Wayne, the rapper: "Wayne tells me to go hard."

"Go hard?" asks Philbin. "I wish I could."

Minaj smiles and rolls her eyes; Ripa bites her lip; and the audience cheers. [Watch the video above. The interview begins at the 2:40 mark.]

Afterward, Minaj tweeted, "LOL. I was in shock!" in response to a tweet that asked her, "What went thru your mind when Regis had slapped ya? That was epic!"