History eyeing 'Pawn Stars' spinoffs

Network considering launching editions in N.Y., Miami

History is looking to make "Pawn Stars" into its "CSI."

After already conquering Las Vegas, the cable network wants to spin off its top-rated reality hit -- not just once but twice -- launching editions in New York and Miami.

The plans still are very much in preliminary stages, but sources said the network is bullish on getting another version or two of "Pawn Stars" on the air.

The move would boost the number of reality shows on the network after a record-setting February driven by unscripted titles "Pawn," "American Pickers" and "Ax Men." February was the network's best month ever despite competition from NBC's Winter Olympics.

On Monday, "Pawn" climbed to 5.1 million viewers, a series record for the network.

"Pawn" chronicles a family-run Vegas pawn shop that deals in a variety of antique and historical artifacts. Since its launch last year, the series has become the network's top-rated show and paved the way for more brand-broadening reality fare.

History declined comment.
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