History spinning off 'Pawn Stars'

EXCLUSIVE: 'Rusty Nuts' to star restoration expert Rick Dale

History is spinning off a personality from its reality hit "Pawn Stars."

The network has made a deal with Leftfield Pictures for "Rusty Nuts," in which restoration expert Rick Dale brings trashed treasures back to life.

Dale owns Las Vegas-based Rick's Restorations and is the go-to guy for the "Pawn Stars" team whenever the shop has an antique that needs improvement (such as a Coke machine, barber chair or 1937 gas pump).

Each episode of "Nuts" follows Dale, his staff and teenage son as they restore objects to their original, mint condition.

Executive producer Brent Montgomery said the idea was inspired by feedback from "Pawn Stars" fans about how they wanted to see more of Dale's restoration process.

"There are people who restore cars or single items, but this guy restores anything and everything," Montgomery said. "We thought this would be a fresh way to spin off the hidden-treasures format in a new way."

History plans to debut eight half-hour episodes Oct. 25. It will premiere out of repeats of "Pawn Stars," a series that ranks among cable's most popular shows.

"Nuts" also expands on the theme of another History success, "American Pickers," on which two friends buy antiques and collectibles.