History's 'Knightfall' to Resume On-Set Shooting in Prague in November


The producers of the Barrandov Studios-based series say they are on schedule to wrap the first season by Christmas despite summer backlot blaze that caused $4 million in damage.

Filming of History's Knightfall series is due to resume at its Barrandov Studios backlot set in mid-November following a major blaze in late August that caused a reported $4 million in damage.

Local producers of the drama set in the Middle Ages say they are on schedule to wrap season one by Christmas.

David Minkowski, a senior producer at Stillking, the local producer on Knightfall, told The Hollywood Reporter that the team "did not lose a day of filming after the fire," lauding "an amazing show of cooperation from everyone involved."

"We are primarily waiting for the backlot to be re-built and not using alternative locations, as the backlot set is a unique and impressive set that cannot be duplicated," he went on to say. "That said, we did shift some scenes to various castles around the countryside."

"We re-scheduled to shoot all interiors and location sets of every episode," Minkowski went on to say. "The backlot re-build completion coincides with completion of all interior/location work, so we will then go back and consecutively shoot all the missing backlot scenes for each episode.

"The insurers approved [a claim] and backlot reconstruction began several weeks ago," he added. "Construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-November, so we will complete season one of the series before the holidays."

On Aug. 26, a fire tore through a newly built set for the series, significantly damaging it. The damages were estimated at 100 million Czech crowns, or $4.1 million, according to various local media reports.

The 10-episode season, which features Jeremy Renner as an executive producer and a guest star, was ordered in January.

It is part of the cable network's continued scripted push on the heels of the success of Vikings.