In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Premium Rush,' 'Hit and Run' and More

Premium Rush
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Wondering which film to go see this weekend? Check out what THR's critics say about the movies opening this week.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man on the run in Premium Rush.

The actor plays a bike messenger who picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who then pursues the cyclist throughout Manhattan. David Koepp's action-thriller is one of several new movies hitting theaters Friday.

Meanwhile, Hit and Run -- which was written by Dax Shepard, who also stars and co-directed with David Palmer -- opened Wednesday.

The action-comedy-romance, which also stars Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold and Beau Bridges, follows an L.A bank robber (Shepard) who, after his partners kill a security guard, testifies against them.

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Read what The Hollywood Reporter's film critics have to say about all the films opening this weekend, and find out how they are expected to perform at the box office.

Hit and Run (opened Wednesday)
Dax Shepard wrote and co-directed the comic chase film, which also stars Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold and Beau Bridges. Read John DeFore's review here.

Premium Rush
Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a bike messenger targeted by a crooked cop in director David Koepp's asphalt-action tale. Read John DeFore's review here.

Little White Lies
Thanks to a sparkling ensemble headed by Francois Cluzet and Marion Cotillard, the familiar backdrop of vacation house still provides ample opportunity for audience pleasing in Guillaume Canet's nicely observed dramatic comedy. Read Michael Rechtshaffen's review here.

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An assured first feature by Venezuela’s Marcel Rasquin, Hermano provides an effective lesson in how well traveled subject matter can still pack a potent punch given the right presentation. Read Michael Rechtshaffen's review here.

The title is a Tibetan word for the continuous life cycle, and the film follows a loose arc from birth through dehumanization, destruction and death to spiritual transcendence. Read David Rooney's review here.

Wild Horse Wild Ride
Following a handful of individuals as they prepare for a competition, Wild Horse Wild Ride falls within a familiar documentary subgenre. Read Sheri Linden's review here.

The Revenant
D. Kerry Prior’s horror comedy about zombie vigilantes ultimately suffers from an uneven execution and repetitive overload. Read Frank Scheck's review here.

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