HIT sells 'Angelina Ballerina' wide

Pre-sales to fourteen major international broadcasters

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CANNES -- Leading kids programming group HIT Entertainment announced a raft of sales deals Monday for its new CGI production of "Angelina Ballerina" to fourteen major international broadcasters including Australia's ABC, Canada's Treehouse, France 5, Latin American net DKLA, Dutch broadcaster Zeppelin NOS and YLE of Finland.

The 80x12 show sees ballet-loving animated mouse Angelina move into CGI for the first time, and is a co-production with U.K.'s Nick Jr. and WNET.

"To have so many pre-sales in place before the show even delivered is a testament to the vibrant, rich world that HIT and (producer) SD Entertainment have created," said HIT Entertainment's Alison Homewood, evp for worldwide programming distribution.