Hitchens pitching religion pic at Hot Docs

'God Is Not Great' is based on his 2007 book

TORONTO -- British writer Christopher Hitchens will be on hand at the Hot Docs festival in May to help pitch a film version of his 2007 anti-religion book "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

The documentary, titled "God Is Not Great" and to be directed by Jeff Sheftel ("Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues"), will be released stateside by Magnolia Pictures, which also is the international sales agent.

Carolyn Pfeiffer will produce the 90- and 60-minute cuts of the documentary.

Hot Docs organizers said the Hitchens' project will be one of 25 projects pitched to international commissioning editors at the Toronto Documentary Forum, which is set to run May 6-7 in Toronto.
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