Hitler Look-alike Tours Berlin for Film Marketing Stunt

Constantin sends actor Oliver Masucci on hidden-camera turn of Germany to promote its new feature 'Look Who's Back'

Adolf Hitler has returned to the streets of Berlin for a public relations stunt. 

To promote its new film spoof Look Who's Back, about Hitler's return to modern-day Germany, Munich mini-major Constantin Films has taken a page from Sacha Baron Cohen's playbook and sent the film's star, Oliver Masucci, in full Hitler regalia, on a hidden camera tour of the country.

The marketing move has stirred things up in Germany, with locals looking askance at Masucci when he has turned up at gas stations, on hotel balconies and at local right-wing rallies (where Masucci mocked the skinhead crowd as “wimps”).

German tabloid Das Bild broke the story of Constantin's stealth marketing campaign.

The film adaptation of Timur Vermes' bestseller officially begins shooting on Saturday. The novel is a publishing sensation in Germany, selling more than 2 million copies and published in more than 40 countries worldwide.

David Wnendt, who found success with the adaptation of another controversial novel, Charlotte Roche'Wetlands, is directing Look Who's Back. Christoph Maria Herbst, Katja Riemann and Fabian Sawatzki co-star. Mythos Film and Constantin are producing. Constantin will release the film in Germany next October.

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