Hitler Was a Meth Head, U.K. TV Documentary Claims

Adolf Hitler and Helga Goebbels

'Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit' reveals that the Nazi leader was an extreme hypochondriac who at one point was taking up to 74 different types of drugs

Adolf Hitler was a "profoundly sick man" with bad breath, chronic flatulence and stomach cramps who resorted to taking crystal meth, leeches and pills made from the feces of soldiers to help him get through the day, according to a documentary that aired on Britain's Channel 4 on Sunday. 

The producers of Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit, for the first time for British TV, looked through the private records of Hitler's personal physician, Theodor Morell. The revelations included graphic depictions of Hitler's health problems, as well as left-field remedies that Morell proscribed.

Hitler's health wasn't helped by his vegetarian diet, mainly comprising beans, the root cause of his cramps and crippling wind, the documentary argued. The Nazi leader, according to the doc, was a nervy hypochondriac who at one point in his life relied on 74 different kinds of medication, including downers, uppers, morphine and glucose injections.

His use of crystal meth was particularly notable for fueling a four-hour rant, without interruption, directed at Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, the doc said.

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