HK Customs raids pirate computer cove

Hollywood, Chinese titles found on illegal file servers

SHANGHAI – Two men have been arrested after Hong Kong customs raided two residential addresses and confiscated massive servers they describe as a "topsite."

The Motion Picture Association said the site's associated pirate release group is well-known as one of the more prolific and active groups in the Internet underworld and is known particularly for its releases, which come with Chinese subtitles.

Content held on the servers included MPA member company films, HD TV series, Japanese animation titles, Bollywood movies, movies from China and Hong Kong and content from other rights owners including Discovery, BBC, MTV and Xbox, PS2, PS3, NDS, and Wii games.

The MPA describes topsites as the "pinnacle of the file sharing piracy food chain." Piracy release groups are responsible for the video ripping, converting, subtitling of movies and TV shows.
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