H.K. eyes digital rollout issues


HONG KONG -- The rollout of digital terrestrial television in the Hong Kong SAR (special administrative region) and the problem presented by the massive amount of analog sets that will be thrown out as consumers upgrade to digital was discussed in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong on Wednesday.

DTT was launched in Hong Kong on Dec. 31 with a plan to expand coverage gradually over the coming five years, a plan the government hopes will help stem the tide of TV set disposal. Digital and analog are currently simulcast, with the latter to be completely abolished in 2012.

The Hong Kong government is also encouraging the recycling of electronic waste through the territory-wide program they established in 2005, which collects used electrical appliances, including TV sets. Those that are in better condition are not recycled, instead they are repaired and donated to the needy, who will be able to enjoy analog TV until 2012.