HLN's Nancy Grace Weighs in on Casey Anthony Closing Arguments (Video)


Grace butts heads with ‘Good Morning America’s’ Dan Abrams on ABC.

With Casey Anthony's fate now in the hands of a jury, HLN's Nancy Grace joined ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams to talk closing arguments. 

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First, the pundits clash over the judge’s decision to prohibit mention of the defense’s sexual abuse theory. In an effort to explain Casey’s “inappropriate” behavior following her daughter’s death, the defense alleged that her father, George Anthony, had sexually abused her.

“I think it was the right ruling, meaning the defense had presented no evidence to that point that that had happened,” Abrams said. “And when you don’t present any evidence, you can’t bring it in the closing arguments. But, secondly, I think it may have helped the defense. The more they argue about George Anthony, the more they point at her father, the weaker their case gets.”

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Grace fired back by claiming that the defense had been relying on that theory and though the likelihood of their allegations are “astronomically improbable,” being forced to drop them in the closing statements did not help their case.

She also addressed the harsh words of the defense, dubbing Casey a “liar” and a “slut.”

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“I don’t think it went over very well at all,” she says of the jury’s reaction. “Of course, being a liar and a slut is pretty much legal in every jurisdiction in this country, but when you’re trying someone for murder, it’s not good to point at your client’s bad points.”

Watch the full video courtesy of ABC News below. The jury begins deliberation today.


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