Ho Yuet-fung Appointed as Asian Film Awards Director

30-Year Veteran Tapped by HKIFFS Head Roger Garcia

HONG KONG – In order to raise the international profile of the Asian Films Awards, the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society has appointed Ho Yuet-fung in the newly-created position of director of AFA.

In the new position, Ho aims to promote the awards’ international influence, and to expand the ceremony’s TV exposure, she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

An international film and entertainment industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, Ho has served as film producer, program director, TV network executive, and TV scriptwriter, previously holding positions including the managing director of CBS Broadcast International Asia, program director of the New York Chinatown History Project, and vice president, International Business Development at New York City Economic Development Corporation for Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. 

“Hong Kong is the film center of Asia, where new directors are emerging and the film industry is thriving,” Ho said. “With my background on the creative side, in management, distribution, and branding, I hope I can help promote and bring new ideas to the AFA brand internationally.”

“We are talking to a lot of film industry colleagues in Asia to get ideas to strengthen the event. We believe AFA can embrace a more diversified international spirit,” Ho added. 

One of the ways the TV industry veteran sees as instrumental in raising the international profile of the awards is by extending its TV exposure. Ho plans to expand the regional TV exposure of the awards in Asia, and targets to broaden its international reach, including to North America. Previously, the awards ceremony had been broadcast via cable channels Fox and Phoenix in Asia and Star Chinese Movies in North America.

Ho began her career at Hong Kong Television Broadcast Ltd. -- TVB, one of the world's largest producers of Chinese-language broadcast content -- where she was a senior scriptwriter. Since then, she has lived and worked between the U.S. and Hong Kong. Her return to the territory was prompted by HKIFFS executive director Roger Garcia, who she has known professionally for many years and will now work together as a team. “This is an attractive new project, where I can utilize my previous experience, knowledge and networks,” Ho said.

The AFA is one of the three events organized by the HKIFFS and held concurrently, namely, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, AFA, and the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum. The 5th AFA will be held on March 21, 2011.