'Hobbs & Shaw' Premiere Disrupted by Electrical Sparks

Hobbs & Shaw - NYC Power Outage - H - 2019

The appearance of electrical sparks caused a short delay before the film resumed.

At the world premiere of the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw on Saturday night in Los Angeles, the screening was forced to come to a halt when electrical sparks flew into the audience. 

According to an attendee, "Sparks started coming from the floor in the center of the orchestra. They've stopped the movie. Security was called to look at it as the audience members sitting in that section quickly moved from their seats." The sparks were heard as a series of loud pops, followed by a flash of light that one attendee reported was "the size of a fist."

After the initial confusion, a security officer told The Hollywood Reporter that a soda drink was spilled on an electrical socket on the floor, leading to the sparks. The movie was stopped and the house lights came on. People remained calm, including Idris Elba and producer Chris Morgan, though a couple of rows stood up. No one left the theater.

The electrical scare occurred in rows H and J. When people started standing up and leaving their rows, the rest of the theater calmly followed suit.

"Alright guys, that was weird," director David Leitch told the audience before the movie started again. "It was an accident," he continued, adding that the incident involved a drink being kicked into an electrical box. He went on to say that everything was being cleaned up and the screening would continue. 

Moments later, star Dwayne Johnson took to the stage. "When things started to seemingly go sideways and everyone was exiting the theater, just for the record, I stood right there," he said. "I stayed."

Standing beside the director, Johnson also assured audience members that the film would continue. 

The delay lasted only 15 minutes before the screening resumed for the rattled audience. 

An earlier version of this story misstated that the premiere was in New York.