'Holidate' Star Emma Roberts on Her "Nostalgic" and "Unexpected" Netflix Rom-Com

Roberts also opened up about expecting her first child this holiday season.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's about time you found a "holidate," aka a date to take to your family's holiday gathering (or add to the family Zoom call this year) so your relatives stop asking why you are still single.

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey star as Sloane and Jackson, two strangers who can't stand the holidays, in the new Netflix original romantic comedy Holidate. In order to avoid constantly finding themselves single or stuck with awkward dates on holidays, they decide to be each other's platonic "holidate" for every festive occasion. As the dynamic duo celebrate a calendar year full of holidays, they realize their feelings for each other might not be so platonic after all.

Roberts and the cast spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what made them want to be part of the film and why they think viewers will enjoy it.

"It's funny, it's feel-good, it's a bit unexpected," said Roberts. "For me when I read this script, I was really blown away by how nostalgic and yet original a lot of the stuff was in it."

"Now's a time when I think we could use some laughter to be honest with you and just forget for a second," said Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Sloan's wild Aunt Susan. "So, I think people are ready for it."

Chenoweth, Jessica Capshaw and Andrew Bachelor fill out the supporting cast. They opened up about what drew them to their roles.

"I was so excited to be a part of this movie," revealed Capshaw. "I had spent a really long time playing the same character [on Grey's Anatomy], so it was so much fun to come and be someone else ... And then it was really fun, because then no one knew that I was even kind of funny and then every time I was even kind of funny they'd be like, 'You're actually funny!' So, I got to feel good about myself on top of going to work."

"I loved the script," said Bachelor. "I loved the concept of the whole 'holidate' thing, and I think it could be the next movement."

"I think, you know, I needed to call my family in Oklahoma and apologize to them first before they watched some of the things that my character participated in," said Chenoweth with a laugh. "But I think the outfits, the costumes. She's got costumes for every holiday and that kind of seemed fun to me."

Star Roberts is currently expecting her first child. She also revealed how she feels about welcoming a baby during the holiday season.

"I'm so excited," said Roberts. "I'm so, so grateful. It's been something to look forward to during this kind of crazy year where I think it's been super hard, and I feel very lucky that I've gotten something to look forward to this whole time."

Watch the video above for more. Holidate is now streaming on Netflix.