Holland back for another 'One'


Savage Steve Holland, the writer-director of 1980s classics like "Better Off Dead," is returning to the genre that made his career with "The Big One 3," his first feature film in more than 18 years.

Warren Zide is producing via his Flipzide Studios along with JB Rogers.

Holland wrote and directed 1985's "Dead" and 1986's "One Crazy Summer," both starring John Cusack, before segueing into television, building a name for himself directing such shows as "Even Stevens," "Lizzie McGuire" and "Phil of the Future."

Zide described the script, which sat on Holland's shelf for a while, as something that will compliment "Dead" and "Summer," making it a trilogy of sorts.

"This is based on a true events in Savage's life," Zide said. "When he was a kid, he had his 13th birthday party and the only one that showed up was a clown, and all that that guy did was hit on his sister."

The family comedy centers on a father who will do whatever he can to make his 13-year-old son's birthday special because his was a disaster. A fall shoot in New Orleans is being planned.

"One 3" will be Zide's fourth movie in production since the producer, whose credits include the "American Pie" and "Final Destination" series, returned to film after a detour into sports and Internet ventures like Collider.com.

Dimension is slated to release his comedy "Parental Guidance Suggested," he is in post on the horror "Autopsy," and he just wrapped shooting the comedy "American Summer," starring Efren Ramirez.

Voodoo Pictures, which helped fund "Summer," is co-financing "One 3."

Holland is repped by APA.