Hollyshorts picks winners


Reda Mustafa's "La Petite Lilia" took the prize for best short film at the fifth annual Hollyshorts Film Festival, which concluded Thursday at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre in West Hollywood.

The other winners were:

Student short film, "Turbo," by Garrett Conaway
Director, Jeremiah Crowell for "Small Collection"
Director, Doug Karr, "Ten for Grandpa"
Internationa, "Terminus" by Trevor Cawood
Narrative, "Meltdown" by David Green
Screenplay, "Rite," by Alicia Conway
Documentary, "The Last Dragon Kingdom," by Aine Carey and David Emery
Cinematography, "Welgunzer," by Bradford Schmidt
Children's film, "The Book of Tomorrow," by David Yohe
Drama, "Skylight," by Tony West
Comedy, "Pissing Vocal Gold," by John Mann
Honorable Mention, "Kindness," by Jeffrey Price
Indie Rentals Honorable Mention, "Step Seven," by Christopher Lucy
Music Video, "Music Liquor," by J. Ahn
Actor, John Savage, "First Time, Long Time"
Actress, Amanda Plummer, "First Time, Long Time"
Animation, "The Mouse That Soared," by Kyle Bell
Special Jury Prize, "William's Christening," by Joshua Hume
"William's Christening" by Joshua Hume
French Language Film, "The Bed By The Window," by Michael Barocas