Hollywood Blasts GOP Candidates on Twitter After Cruz Paves Way for Trump

Ted Cruz - Getty - H 2016
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Ted Cruz - Getty - H 2016

"It just wasn't your time Ted Cruz. If only you had run in 1788," Adam McKay tweeted.

Following his loss to Donald Trump in Tuesday's Indiana GOP primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his decision to drop out of the presidential race, leaving the path clear to Trump. 

Shortly after his speech, he told supporters, "the voters chose another path. And so, with a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign."

His announcement, and the realization that the GOP nominee is now likely to be Trump, caused a firestorm on Twitter with reactions from both sides of the political field. Tuesday evening, the terms #CruzOut, #IndianaPrimary, Ted Cruz, Republican and Carly Fiorina (Cruz's presumptive running mate) were all trending on Twitter.