Hollywood Celebrates Australia Same-Sex Survey Results: "It’s a G’Day"

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The results of the polling allow Parliament to consider legalizing same-sex weddings.

Australians have said they support legalizing gay marriage in a postal survey, letting Parliament consider a measure to allow same-sex weddings.

The results revealed 61% of the population that voted in the poll (more than 12 million Australians) supported allowing same-sex marriage, while 38% voted against.

Stars celebrated the results Tuesday afternoon on social media. "It’s a g’day. Way to go Australia," wrote comic and TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

"Love is love, always was love, always will be love," wrote Australian singer-actress Kylie Minogue.

"Yes!!!!! Congrats Australia! Every step taken is one closer to World Peace! Love love love you! Proud to be Australian by association lol," tweeted Miley Cyrus, who is dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.