Hollywood Fete Celebrates Kohler's 'Hot Seat'

Decades’ Cameron Silver hosted an event for stylish guests such as Elizabeth Stewart and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, in honor of Kohler’s state-of-the-art new toilet: the Numi.

When it comes to Hollywood style these days, the key to staying on the edge is mixing high and low culture. So it came as little surprise when the guest of honor at a March 21 party—hosted by Decades founder and co-owner Cameron Silver and his partner Jeff Snyder—was a top-of-the-line toilet.

Despite Decades' pedigree as a top-notch purveyor of both vintage and contemporary products, Silver and Snyder celebrated the ultramodern Numi advanced toilet, which Kohler launched last year with advanced features such as a heated seat, foot warmer, built-in bidet, music and more. Silver, who has two in the house he shares with Snyder, said: “At our house, people used to gather in the kitchen at parties, but now they gather in the bathroom.”

Guests such as Million Dollar Decorators' Martyn Lawrence Bullard, stylist Elizabeth Stewart (who clocked in as No. 4 on THR's Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood in 2012) and jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino gathered at the evening soiree where they also got a chance to view Kohler’s VibrAcoustic bathtub—a source for the night’s musical entertainment. The tub offers a blend of synchronized music, light and sound vibrations for intense relaxation.

It won’t be long before a lot more Hollywood heavyweights are resting their derrieres in style. "I've been receiving a lot of interest from friends who visit my house and experience the Numi," noted Silver, "and now they want one!"

This is how far civilization has come -- in L.A, there's even style competition about toilets now! Thankfully, from outhouses to heated toilets, we've come a long way.

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