Hollywood Figures Anxiously Await Election Results: "I Know You're Scared"

Elizabeth Banks Kerry Washington Billy Eichner Samantha Bee
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Elizabeth Banks, Billy Eichner, Sarah Cooper and Samantha Bee were among the top names who took to Twitter to share their feelings amid the election results.

Politically active stars in Hollywood are sharing their anxieties over anticipated delays in results of the 2020 election and urging voters to remain in line and make sure their vote is counted.

As of late Tuesday evening on the West Coast, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were locked in a tight race across the country. Trump was declared the winner of Ohio, Iowa, and the battleground state of Florida, while Biden took Minnesota and New Hampshire. The race is currently still too early to call for the battleground states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

This year saw a historic voter turnout including 103 million record-breaking early ballots, therefore it could take a couple of days for an official result to be announced. Even with many news outlets prepared to call the race at any moment, with key states like Pennsylvania saying that their official results are likely days away, any official outcome seems unlikely tonight.

Polls have closed across the East Coast, including battleground state of Michigan. The Associated Press has declared Trump the winner in Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee, whereas Biden has been said to take Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, District of Columbia and Rhode Island, according to the AP.

As early results began to trickle in, ABC News' George Stephanopoulos noted, “This is looking a little bit right now like a replay of 2016.”

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that Mitch McConnell has won re-election to U.S. Senate from Kentucky, which was a race that several activists in Hollywood were keeping a close eye on.

As the country awaits the results, many stars took to social media to express their anxiety while awaiting the results as a number of Los Angeles landmarks have been turned into polling locations, including the Hollywood Bowl, Staples Center and Dodgers stadium and more.

Elizabeth Banks wrote on Twitter, "I’m just pacing back and forth. At least I’m burning off the gallon of ice cream I just ate. #ElectionNight."

Billy Eichner said, "What I would really like to know at this point is who will win."

"Has anyone else reached the 'husband playing guitar alone in the bedroom' phase of Election Day." Josh Gad wrote, "I know some of you are scared. Talk to me. I'm here."

Producer Jamie Patricof (I Know This Much Is True, The Zookeeper's Wife) added, “I think everyone in the country is anxiously awaiting these results. Ultimately right now everyone is frantically texting their family, friends and friends of friends trying to find out what’s going on and ultimately no one knows anything. We knew it was going to be a long night and more than likely some long days and nights to come. But I am optimistic about the outcome up and down the ticket."

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