THR's Ultimate Fitness Guide: How to Get Healthy, The Hollywood Way

Issue 2 Oscar Evolution Illustration - H 2013
Johanna Goodman

Issue 2 Oscar Evolution Illustration - H 2013

It's time to test that newfound New Year's resolve -- and get ready for your next red carpet -- with an inside look at the town's most-requested trainers, classes, what to eat and where to spa.

This story first appeared in the Jan. 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

In L.A., it's not just about belonging to the right gym but getting a prime spot in the most popular classes. "You are literally standing by when the classes come online," says Priscilla Cohen, exec producer at Jesse Dylan's Wondros production company, of the scramble to reserve a coveted machine at her favorite Pilates spot, Studio MDR (see below).

The Hollywood Reporter polled a cross-section of the entertainment industry's fittest folk to find out which trainers are in demand these days. Turns out the teachers of the moment aren't yoga gurus but tough-love instructors of CrossFit (the trendy high-intensity mix of cardio, lifting and calisthenics), spinning, Pilates/barre and (yes, still) boot camp.

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Barry's Bootcamp: The West Hollywood group training program is an L.A. fitness standby, but it's the weekend morning classes by fun, sarcastic former model Astrid McGuire that are drawing big crowds that include Carrie Underwood, Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta and enviably fit Stacy KeiblerTHE TUNES: "Two of my clients are [DJs] the Perry Twins; they put my workout mix together." MCGUIRE'S RECOMMENDED POST-WORKOUT SNACK: EarthBar at Equinox's Radiant Skin smoothie with hemp milk. 1106 N. La Cienega Blvd. #104, West Hollywood,; $24 per class.

Boot Camp LA: Founder Jay Kerwin, aka The Major, bases his program of military-style drills, circuit training, obstacle courses and more based on his Air Force training. Fans include Nurse Jackie exec producer John Melfi and Patricia Heaton. POST-WORKOUT SNACK: "At least 25 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs." TOP TIP: "Eat small meals a lot more often." 5801 Wilshire Blvd.,; $295 for 12 sessions, three per week.

Hollywood Hills Fitness: Ex-entertainment lawyer Matt Levy's boot camps take full advantage of his surroundings. Students -- including ICM's Carol Goll and casting director Bonnie Zane -- often find themselves doing drills perched on the edge of Mulholland. "I believe in basics," says Levy, a former Marine. "You squat, push something, pull something, work your core. That's it." POST-WORKOUT SNACK: Chocolate milk. TOP TIP: "Master the squat." Locations vary,; $300 for a six-week, five-day-a-week program.

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CrossFit LA: "I don't try to sugarcoat things," says owner and trainer Andy Petranek. "I'll say, 'That looked like crap,' but I'll also tell you what you need to do to fix it." The former Marine's tough love works for Fringe's Joshua Jackson and Revolution Studios head Vince Totino. "When I started, I was completely out of shape, overweight," says Totino. "Then I got hooked on the feeling of accomplishment." THE TUNES: '90s hip-hop, Johnny Gill's "Love You the Right Way." POST-WORKOUT TIP: "Take a 10-minute nap!"3201 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica,; $265 per month for three sessions per week.

CrossFit Sunset: Ty Vincent's two-month-old gym already is the workout location of choice for Jack Osborne and Childrens Hospital's Rob Huebel. POST-WORKOUT SNACK: "Half a sweet potato." TOP TIP: "Just show up! A half-assed workout is better than no workout." 1030 N. Alvarado St.,; $175 per month for unlimited classes, required $200 three-pack intro series.

Paradiso CrossFit: It's more of a community than a gym: Members take surf, ski and rock-climbing trips together. The studio finally worked its way through a yearlong waiting list -- owner David Paradiso's Monday morning class is in demand -- eased by this month's opening of a Venice location (711 Hampton Ave.). Channing Tatum has flexed his muscles there. THE TUNES "Pandora. The morning crew goes Britney, the night crew prefers Drake," says Paradiso. TOP TIP: High intensity. "Don't go for a two-mile jog, go for a 400-meter sprint." 4113 Redwood Ave., Marina del Rey,; $225 per month for unlimited classes.

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Ballet Bodies: Former New York City Ballet dancer Andie Hecker and her instructors (like the popular Romi Rivera) run an intense barre workout for clients like UTA partner Tracey Jacobs. POST-WORKOUT TIP: "I tell my men to eat within 45 minutes to build muscles, and my women not to eat for an hour and 15 minutes, because they're not trying to gain mass." CARDIO GO-TO: Jump rope. 8376 Beverly Blvd.,; $350 for 10 classes.

Physique 57: Katie Johnson's barre-based classes in Beverly Hills comprise a close-knit group of women she calls her little clan, even while drawing big names like Reese Witherspoon and Emmy Rossum. "We're not a flashy studio, and there's a sense of privacy here," she says. THE TUNES: Alex Clare's "Too Close." Says Johnson: "I turn it up pretty loud. It's the only way to get through our last reps." 320 N. Canon Drive,; introductory membership, $110 per month.

Studio (MDR): "I'm not a fan of workouts that break you down. When you leave, you feel amazing," says Ky Evans of Marina del Rey's Studio (MDR), whose fans refer to his training as "Kylates," done on Megaformer machines and incorporating cardio. TOP TIP: "Eat more. Diet doesn't mean eat less, it means eat smart." 330 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey,; unlimited classes at $39 per week.

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Cycle House: "I don't care what you do in the real world. Here, you belong to me," is what charismatic "chief ride officer" Nichelle Hines tells her clientele, including Django Unchained producer Stacey Sher. "Everybody loves her," says Slate PR's Simon Halls. THE TUNES "Any song by Jay-Z." POST-WORKOUT MEAL: Acai bowl, kale, protein, yogurt, alkaline water. 624 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood,, $26 per class; one month unlimited class, $300.

Flywheel: In New York City, SoulCycle (see below) and Flywheel are arch competitors; now the rivalry is coming West with the January debut of Flywheel in Larchmont Village, followed by a West Hollywood location. Former Up Dog instructor Tevia Celli-Recht is expected to bring along her loyal following, which includes UTA's Blair Kohan. YOGA GO-TO: "I tell all my clients to attend Aree Khodai's restorative yoga after cycling," says Celli-Recht. 147 N. Larchmont Blvd.; 8599 Santa Monica Blvd.,, first class free, $225 for 10 rides.

SoulCycle: Roarke Walker's candlelit classes, which have The Newsroom producer Alan Pool and Paramount's Jessica Rovins spinning, put emphasis on using those around you to inspire group fitness. "You're getting stronger all together," says the trainer. "There's a reason people go to group fitness classes." THE TUNES: "Set It Off" by Diplo. TOP TIP: "Be nice to everyone" -- to get a coveted spot in class -- "especially the people at the front desk." 8570 W. Sunset Blvd.,, $25 per class. -- J.C. AND B.K.