Hollywood Flashback: When 'Sully's' Tom Hanks Hit the Water With Daryl Hannah's Mermaid in 1984's 'Splash'

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Buena Vista Pictures/Photofest

The actor found box-office success in this Ron Howard-directed film: "I wanted to avoid anything vulgar. I wanted it to be a beautiful love story," says screenwriter Bruce Jay Friedman.

Tom Hanks, who gets his feet wet again in Sully (Sept. 9), was baptized into a long line of watery roles — Cast Away and Captain Phillips among them — with 1984's Splash.

The boy-meets-mermaid tale was the first release from Disney's Touchstone Pictures label. It also was a second hit for director Ron Howard following 1982's Night Shift, which prompted The Hollywood Reporter to note that "beneath that Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham persona, there’s a wild and crazy spirit." The $8 million film brought in $69.8 million domestically ($160 million today), making it the studio's biggest success since 1969's The Love Bug. Splash came at a time when Disney's film division was moribund and theme parks generated 70 percent of revenue. It hit the sweet spot for the label: a bit Disney, but more adult. "I didn't want any crassness," says screenwriter Bruce Jay Friedman. “I wanted to avoid anything vulgar. I wanted it to be a beautiful love story."

What now looks like a surefire hit was lucky to get made. Warner Bros. was developing a Warren Beatty vehicle called Mermaid, which scared other studios off. But a looming actors strike killed the WB project, Touchstone picked up Splash — and now a reboot with a tweak is brewing, with Channing Tatum as its lovesick merman.

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