Hollywood and games join hands

"Spider-Man 3" trailer star of 1st summit

Attendees at the inaugural Hollywood and Games Summit were among the first to get a glimpse of the highly anticipated "Spider-Man 3" as executive producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige unspooled a surprise screening of the film's exclusive trailer.

The sneak peak to those at Tuesday's conference -- just hours after the only others to see it were a select few in a small New York theater -- emphasized the ever-widening impact of traditional Hollywood movies and the video game world at the daylong event, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Feige and Treyarch executive producer Chris Archer discussed the cross-collaboration between game and film creators and the importance and challenges of protecting the integrity of the characters in both genres.

"The fact that we base games on classic characters and make them incarnations of those characters allows us to start early in the process," Archer said, emphasizing the challenge of creating game content that stands up next to the film. "People are expecting more and more out of these video games."