Hollywood Hairstylists Weigh In on Donald Trump's Do

Donald Trump - H 2015
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Donald Trump - H 2015

After all, he said that if he wins the presidency, he'll get rid of the comb-over.

Donald Trump has been making all sorts of headlines lately. For one, he was just told "You’re fired!" by NBCUniversal over derogatory comments he made regarding immigration and trade deals with Mexico. (The result of this firing is that the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants no longer will air on NBC.) Another hot topic is his infamously terrible hairstyle.

At a rally in Iowa, he told fans he would lose the comb-over if he is elected POTUS. "I would probably comb my hair back," he said. "Why? Because this thing is too hard to comb. I wouldn’t have time because if I were in the White House, I’d be working my ass off."

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Although in a vast sea of Republican hopefuls, Trump is by no means a shoo-in, we asked a couple celebrity groomers what kind of do they think the millionaire should adopt if his White House wishes come true.

Says Lucy Halperin, who grooms Steve Carell and Eddie Redmayne, "I recommend that Donald follow the example of our previous leaders and try a short, cropped look. Get rid of the comb-over! And let’s go with the trend of a beard, to catch the younger crowd."

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As for celebrity stylist Vaughn Acord, who actually has cut the hair of a former president, Bill Clinton (not to mention Bruce Springsteen and Daniel Day-Lewis), he advises a total makeover. "I’d suggest a choppy cut with movement and no sweep that is more relaxed," says Acord. "And perhaps a different shade."

Might we suggest going with one of these ideas even if he doesn’t win?