Hollywood Hits the Red Carpet

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio

Animal rights group Peta always has been a thorn in the side of studios, but not when it came to Fox's new Planet of the Apes origins film. The organization was so thrilled that no real simians were used in the movie that it showed up at the Grauman's Chinese premiere in Hollywood not to protest but to wave thank-you signs that read, "Apes love CGI." Peter Chernin, who produced the film for his alma mater studio, sported a wide grin upon learning of PETA's presence and joked, "It's one of the highlights of my career." Stars James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto got rousing catcalls from the crowd on Hollywood Boulevard, which was on simultaneous Lady Gaga watch (she was performing across the street on Jimmy Kimmel Live!). After the screening, the afterparty got under way at the Roosevelt Hotel's Tropicana Bar. The drink of the night: "Ape" Cods. -- Pamela McClintock