Hollywood Hits the Red Carpet

Vince Bucci

Filmmakers Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore were on hand for the New York City premiere of Five -- Lifetime and Sony Pictures' short-films anthology about breast cancer -- but it was a topless woman snapping photos across the street who stole the show. "That is brilliant! That's what it's all about right there. We're dealing with breasts," joked Jeanne Tripplehorn, who plays an oncologist in the five-part project, which airs Oct. 10. Moore directed one short, as did Aniston. "I was just surprised at how formidable she was," Patricia Clarkson, who plays a woman battling cancer, said of being directed by Aniston. "I've worked with a little someone called Martin Scorsese, a little someone called Woody Allen. Let me tell you, Jennifer holds her own." Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc relished making the films. "It was eye-opening how collaborative it was," she said. "All the people in front of and behind the camera and in the suits were women." -- Lindsay Powers

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