Hollywood Hits the Red Carpet

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Real Steel showed its mettle -- and metal -- at DreamWorks/Disney's Oct. 2 premiere at Universal CityWalk's Gibson Amphitheatre. Giant robots from the robot-boxing movie lined the grounds of the afterparty, where guests included everyone from 50 Cent and comic-book author Grant Morrison to J.J. Abrams and Bryan Singer. Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, who trained star Hugh Jackman and choroegraphed the fights, said: "I wanted Hugh to get rid of the Broadway actor Hugh Jackman and look and feel like a fighter. I'm proud of him." The premiere couldn't have been more of a change of pace from DreamWorks' most recent debut, The Help. CEO and co-chairman Stacey Snider said Real Steel is emblematic of the scope of movies the studio is making: "What we try to do is offer a variety that is well-executed." -- Borys Kit