Hollywood Hits the Red Carpet

Alex J. Berliner/ABImages

PUSS IN BOOTS PREMIERE: The premiere of dreamworks animation's Puss in Boots, which sees the Shrek character in his own 3D adventure, was the cat's meow for guests: They got to ogle a giant pair of boots as they entered the Regency Village and Bruin Theatres, and the kids spent time with life-size versions of the sword-fighting adventurer Puss and cat burglar Kitty Softpaws. "We've been lucky with cats," acknowedged Jeffrey Katzenberg in a nod to his Disney classic The Lion King and DWA's Madagascar movies (which also feature feline fixtures). While there's always a risk of giving a secondary character his own movie, the filmmakers say they have the key to advancing this story. Said director Chris Miller: "I talked to Antonio Banderas before we got into the writing stage, and I asked him, 'What did you want to see?' And he put it perfectly: 'I think we should break his heart.' Of course! He's just so fundamentally melodramatic anyway and he takes his life so seriously, you can take him and break his heart." -- Borys Kit

IN TIME PREMIERE: Justin Timberlake, dressed in a camel-colored suit and flanked by his agent, Ari Emanuel, was the man of the hour at the premiere of Fox and New Regency's futuristic thriller In Time, about people who stop aging at 25. Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman-CEO Tom Rothman bounded down the red carpet past Timberlake, noting that his own dark blue and gray sneakers were cool, "just like Justin." Kidding aside, Rothman and New Regency co-chairman Hutch Parker said Andrew Niccol's film, starring Amanda Seyfried opposite Timberlake, is an original story in a marketplace otherwise bogged down by remakes. "Andrew has created a very dystopian world, and his vision is complete," noted Parker. After the film, guests headed to the parking lot behind the Beverly Hilton for the afterparty, which was catered by some of L.A.'s famous food trucks. -- Pamela McClintock