Hollywood Hits the Red Carpet

Total Recall Premiere: Sony went back to the future when it threw a swank poolside afterparty at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the premiere of Total Recall, its remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. Much of the spotlight was on star Colin Farrell, a former Hollywood Casanova who has spent the past few years making independent movies, but the actor is firmly back in big-studio/big-star mode with Recall. "The biggest difference is when it comes to an evening like this," said Farrell of the disparity. "The set dressings are different, the stages are more elaborate, the trailers are bigger, but the original intent -- to tell a story -- is the same." -- Borys Kit


Hope Springs Premiere: Oscar winners collided on the red carpet when Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones stepped out for the New York premiere of the Columbia Pictures romantic dramedy about a couple struggling to reclaim the spark after 31 years of marriage. "Tommy Lee is one of our greatest actors," gushed Streep. "He's a national treasure. He's an icon of manhood. He's someone that will make men unafraid to enter this territory." Streep shared the spotlight at the SVA Theatre with director David Frankel, screenwriter Vanessa Taylor and Steve Carell, who plays a mild-mannered marriage counselor in the film. Said Taylor of Streep's casting: "I didn't tell anybody until it was, like, for sure, for sure because I just thought it was too incredible and insane that that was happening. I couldn't believe it." -- Erin Carlson