Hollywood Insiders Reveal What "Dressing Your Age" Means in N.Y. vs. L.A.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images
Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, 'Power' creator Courtney Kemp and Maura Tierney open up on the differing coastal styles: "In New York, women dress to kill — and they do."

“We actually do dress our age.” Frances Berwick, president of lifestyle networks, NBCU

“In L.A., everyone dresses like a teenager, except the teenagers, who are desperately trying to look like hookers. I love that people in New York still dress like adults — suits, pants, dark colors. Even though I love the warmth of L.A., I love the fact that Couric in New York I’m never overdressed.” Courtney Kemp, Power creator

“Women in L.A. tend to wear clothes that are too tight, too short and show too much skin. My goto look is Phoebe Philo at work: James Perse trousers, Saint Laurent trainers, a white oxford or T-shirt and some kind of jacket. I want meetings to focus on our discussion, not what I’m wearing.” Christina Wayne, CEO, Assembly Entertainment

“Society’s obsession with youth is everywhere, not just L.A. But I do think there is an inherent feminine appeal to strolling down Madison Avenue in a tweed blazer and ballet flats.” Abby Elliott, actress

“L.A. is more casual and coffee-shop, yoga chic. In New York, women dress to kill — and they do.” Bethenny Frankel, reality TV star and creator of Skinnygirl

“In New York, you see thousands of people in one day, so people make an effort and in general are more tailored. In L.A., women’s shoes are usually impractical and never scuffed because they drive. Then you have the total opposite: workout clothes that never get changed out of. This is just boring and feels like the old West Hollywood gym vibe. Like, ‘Let’s get that coffee in on Sunset at Starbucks!’ So dated.” Debi Mazar, actress

“There is no such thing in this city, which is what makes it so special.” Leandra Medine, creator of The Man Repeller blog and franchise

“I find New York to be a place where people dress to be themselves more than to impress others. It’s a mature city by nature, and like everything, that is reflected in how people dress.” Carla Gugino, actress

“You have much more fun dressing in New York because it gets cold. I’m not really a fashion plate, but I tend to care a little less in L.A. And whenever I’m meeting friends in New York it’s always to eat, so you tend to dress up more.” Maura Tierney, actress

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