Hollywood Makes Plea to Halt Execution of Troy Davis in Georgia

Erik S. Lesser/AFP/Getty Images

Michael Moore, Natalie Maines, Big Boi and Kimora Lee Simmons are among those arguing there's "too much doubt" for him to be put to death.

Many in Hollywood are throwing their support behind a movement to halt the execution of a man in Georgia who was convicted in the 1989 killing of an off-duty police officer.

Troy Davis was scheduled to be executed in Jackson, Ga., at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday. He and his supporters have maintained his innocence, saying there wasn't enough evidence linking Davis to the killing of Mark MacPhail.

Two hours before the execution was scheduled, Georgia's Supreme Court rejected a request by Davis' attorneys to halt the death by lethal injection.

His lawyers filed an eleventh-hour plea with the U.S. Supreme Court. Just 10 minutes before the execution came word thatt the execution had been delayed.

On Wednesday, about 100 people -- including the Rev. Al Sharpton and Outkast's Big Boi -- gathered outside the Jackson prison house where Georgia's death row is located for a prayer rally, where the crowd chanted, "Free Troy Davis!"

Big Boi and others in Hollywood also were hitting Twitter on Wednesday to show their support of Davis and plea for a stay of execution, using the #toomuchdoubt hashtag.

Among their tweets:

Big Boi (who also was linking to photos of the rally):
#prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis
PRAY RT @MochaMe24: @unclerush @bigboi is there anything else that can be done to help #troydavis #toomuchdoubt
RT @streetbangtv: @clemsongirl92 @BigBoi @ 6pm , everybody tweet #TroyDavis for 1 minute”
We r now at the church behind the truck stop waiting for the press conference to start #Troydavis
Just learned that 4 out of 5 of the Parole Board members are retired Police Officers! #Troydavis

Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines
We live with a system that murders innocent people. Georgia, please don't murder #troydavis . His life counts. He matters.
You know that old saying, "Two murders make a right"? Me neither. #troydavis
@JCom67 The bullet casing apparently matched, but even the officer that did the study expressed his doubt that it was from the same gun.
I read that the casings matched, not bullets. I also read that the gun was never located. Not true?

Michael Moore

President Obama: Can't you do like President Kennedy did & send in federal troops to stop this injustice in Georgia? The buck stops with u.
It is simply beyond comprehension that the state of Georgia is just hours away from murdering Troy Davis. That's right: Murder
Kimora Lee Simmons
U can help Stop the execution of #TroyDavis!! PLS Email Judge Penny Freesemann NOW!. pfreesemann@chathamcounty.org #TooMuchDoubt
There is #TooMuchDoubt 2 kill Troy Davis Please help! If u are near go 2 rally in Jackson, GA at 4PM 2 stop execution of #TroyDavis.
This isn't abt guilt OR innocence! Its abt due process of the law and justice. We shld NOT kill ppl when there is #TooMuchDoubt.

Questlove of the Roots

no evidence/dna/weapons. & 7 witnesses that said they were coerced to point finger at #TroyDavis

#YouKnowYouGhetto when you use #YouKnowYouGhetto as a way to bring attention to saving a possible innocent man's life huff.to/qt30E2

Gabrielle Union

Every1 google Troy Davis & read his story! NO1 should die by lethal injection whn theres ths much doubt! Help save #TroyDavis

British actor Stephen Fry (linking to a post in the Guardian)

10 Reasons why the execution of Troy Davis should not proceed. As if state murder needed reasons against it: #troydavis

Sean Combs

Call! Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 urge him to intercede on Troy Davis rt to the world and Call rt now!

Marlon Wayans

Help stop the execution of #troydavis and email "judge" Penny Freesemann now. pfreesemann@chathamcounty.org

Writer-producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers)

Idea: If governor approves execution of person later deemed innocent, governor then gets executed. They'd make sure they had right man then.

Sandra Bernhard

RT Judge Penny Freezeman is apparently only one that can stop the execution of #troydavis 912-652-7252 call her now!

LeVar Burton

This #TroyDavis execution is very disturbing! #toomuchdoubt #bydhttmwfi

Kim Kardashian

There is #TooMuchDoubt to kill Troy Davis tonight. Here's the 411 >> bit.ly/pPNjim PLEASE RT

Everyone google Troy Davis & read his story! NO ONE should die by lethal injection when there is this much doubt! Help save #TroyDavis

All he wants is a polygraph test 2 prove he's innocent & the judicial system can't give that to him? Let's make #TroyDavis a trending topic!

I want to vent about the execution of Troy Davis! He is getting the death penalty tonight but I believe he is innocent!!! #TooMuchDoubt

Russell Simmons

Hey @Twitter -- I want to buy the promoted trending topic, so it says Troy Davis. How do we do that?

Russell Simmons
There is #TooMuchDoubt to kill #TroyDavis tomorrow. Here's the 411 >> bit.ly/pPNjim PLEASE RT

Indigo Girls

Today - how you can help Troy Davis! Fax or call the Parole Board and ask them to reconsider their decision ...

Speak up for Troy Davis. Take action NOW. tinyurl.com/3r833no #TooMuchDoubt #TroyDavis